DoubleAce Token Presale Is Now Open To The Public

Double Ace is a Fintech company that utilises the power of blockchain, AI, and Big Data to provide instant online financial services to individuals. The service DAA provides encompasses consumer finance, personal credit, small and micro loan, and crypto loan, etc.

Double Ace allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies to receive interest much like that of bank deposits, but with a way higher interest rate. The platform will be ready for use by end Jan 2021.

Until then, Double Ace is in the process of issuing its utility token, called DAA. Users of the DAA token will be able to unlock greater benefits to generate higher alpha by using the platform, compared to a non-DAA token user.

Double Ace has completed its first round of private token sales of DAA to their angel investors   at the private sale price of $0.00085. It is currently doing its pre-sales to investors at the discounted price of $0.00095.

The DAA token will be listed on the Whitebit exchange on 30th December 2020 at the launch price of $0.001.

According to Double Ace CEO, Mr Alan Hung, “DAA crypto lending platform will be ready by end of Jan 2021, users can earn up to 14% APY a year for stable coin deposits onto DAA Platform. We foresee tremendous adoption after we launch the platform. Double Ace hopes to be the go-to platform that provides clients with a viable and sustainable alternative solution to earn good yields that otherwise cannot be achieved by investing in traditional banking or deposit services. In the current uncertain climate with COVID 2Nd wave resurgence that will inevitably affect businesses as well as financial markets, DAA is able to provide users the financial stability they need due to our unique market-neutral strategy.”

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