Keep Calm, Fly High with HyperWallet Token (HWT) on PancakeSwap

Following an acute rise of 30% in liquidity mining, HyperWallet Token (HWT) has finally broken the resistance stronghold. It soared to a new height of $0.047, which is 470% of robust appreciation from its official listing on PancakeSwap in less than 2 months. Started from $0.01, it is truly defying the laws of gravity in the awfully cold and brazen “crypto winter” now.

Currently hovering above 0.040 at the time of writing, HWT remains bullish, with active trading volume continuing to surge more than USD$148.82k worth of transactions for the past 24 hours and still counting.

According to sources at GeckoTerminal, HWT has a combined liquidity of more than $2.05 million afloat on top of a fully diluted valuation worth $9.08 million.

So, what makes HWT so strong and so stable?

Behind HWT is an established financial ecosystem designed to be a self-sustaining ecosystem within a DeFi aggregator platform for universal interoperability. The HyperWallet Token will be presented as a multi-facet utility system as The HyperNation rolls out a series of new products to reward all loyal hodlers of HWT. If you felt that 440% rise is staggering or surprising enough, well, we aren’t sitting in the back-seat yet. Please take note that this is merely just the initial push, as the much-awaited bull run is just about to return. A streamline of confidence and trust will be given back to all those who have faith in HWT. And soon, you’ll know why.

HWT Welfare to Reward Subscribers

First on the list to reward HWT hodlers will be a new welfare that allows those who have recruited at least one direct downline to subscribe at a lower price. Thereafter, to maximize gain, subscribers are allowed to participate in Hyper Yield Aggregator and receive more HWT rewards. In return, HWT hodlers get to leverage their assets simply by hodling HWT and participating in the welfare campaign that lasts from 13 to 18 January 2023.

Take Your Advantage of HyperWallet Token Welfare

  • Limited 500 welfare subscriptions only
  • Lower entry, higher gain
  • Participate in Hyper Yield Aggregator for more rewards
  • Take a grip on the impeccably uprising coin and HODL
  • The 440% appreciation is only the beginning
  • Get x4 Rewards with a Daily Release Rate of up to 0.7%

Seize Your Opportunity and Lock in Your Gains

HWT will be a testament to The HyperNation’s holistic financial ecosystem. Soon, this first virtual nation will thrive vivaciously in the Metaverse as the development is in full swing. GameFi, blockchain-enabled store, and loan system are among the ambitious plans in the pipeline. Hence, the prospects of HWT continue to stay bullish. And every Citizen who holds this belief will be rewarded.

The Power of Belief in Cryptocurrency

To believe something is a persevering process that cuts a raw ore into a sparkling gem. The beginning is always modest, just like how Bitcoin started. People doubted the idea of digital currencies when Bitcoin was initially minted based on the never-before-heard blockchain technology. Quite the contrary, the successes that evolved from this cryptocurrency scene cannot be attributed to the technology itself only. It was the synergy of all determining factors, with the most influential being the people who hold their beliefs from the initiators to the community, including the end users.

Unlike Bitcoin and many of the earliest cryptocurrencies, HyperWallet Token solves all pressing matters in our real-life society. It breaks all boundaries in a genuine Metaverse empowered by blockchain technologies. It all started small and has expanded enormously since the collective consensus proliferated by leaps and bounds.

The Inequality of Wealth Share throughout the World

Let us make a simple comparison with some public information. First, take a step back and look at the total money circulation worldwide. This amount easily exceeds $90.4 trillion USD as we conclude from M0 – the end consumers, to M3 – the institutional money market funds for the world population of 7.837 billion. That is how much money, in comparison, across the globe that sustains the current value of USD for the world’s topmost superpower consisting of 331.9 million of population.

[World Market = $90,400,000,000,000]

[World Population = 7,837,000,000]

[Average Share of Money = $11,535]

Put the ratio in simple words. A world citizen should hold a share of $11,535 in real life. However, the cruel reality refrains from this equal share of wealth. While $3.828 trillion USD should be the total market cap of the United States, the superpower actually amassed more than $23 trillion USD as of the year 2021. That is a whopping 6 times the equal value being accumulated.

[US Market = $23,000,000,000,000]

[US Population = 331,900,000]

[6 Times the Average Share of Money Per Capita]

The Legitimated Currency of the First Virtual Nation

Now, things can be very different in The HyperNation – the first virtual nation truly decentralized and fully liberated from conventional authority.

While the global crypto market worth stands at $322.48 billion USD, there are approximately 320 million crypto users worldwide, who account for 4.2% of the world population, according to TripleA’s estimation. Now, we know that each crypto user possesses around $1,007 USD worth of crypto.

[$320,480,000,000 / 320,000,000 world users = $1,007]

Likewise, The HyperNation will emerge as a superpower, and the market size of this first virtual nation in the Metaverse is aimed to take up a quarter of the total crypto market worldwide. Hence, each of the current 200k citizens of The HyperNation will stand a chance to have a fair share of up to $400,600 USD worth of HWT. Potentially, that is more than 6 times the projected revenue.

[$320,480,000,000 x 0.25 / 200,000 population = $400,600]

Incubating a Wholistic Financial Ecosystem

Still in the early stage, primed to bypass banks, brokers, and exchanges, HWT is on the right path applying a wide range of blockchain technologies that unleash growth potential.

Soon, the wallet function will bring on a revolutionary experience enabling you to regain authority over your financial capability. Users can make transactions within a few taps via the upcoming dApp. This is also where your digital assets are kept safe and ready for you to browse anytime, anywhere.

On top of that, the upcoming public chain allows you to develop your own blockchain products and enable sale and purchase, instantly. Imagine in the near future, you can develop your interactive 3D games in the Metaverse and sell interactive movie tickets to audiences for them to experience and admire your fascinating works on the blockchain. And best of all, the movie ticket serves as the NFT in your crypto wallet for its sentimental value.

Financial Assistance within Thumbs’ Reach

Also planned in the diligent development includes a financing facility that provides monetary support based on your blockchain credibility, in which The HyperNation will unleash your financial capability in no time, and you need not liquidize your HWT holdings. You can even go for a termed pawn to get higher monetary support.

This dApp wallet will eventually evolve to become the portable bank that follows you everywhere you go. And this wallet will make up the final last mile for you to obtain loans whenever you need them through a patented KYC process. Rest assured, it is fully secured and totally hassle-free.

Indeed, there is a sustainable future destined for HWT. The HyperNation has so much to share with you in the coming days, weeks, months and years! If there is a cryptocurrency token that you must not miss out on in the year 2023, this is it! Fly high in anti-gravity rocket ship mode and get ready for unstoppable growth of up to x1000.

Check the $HWT listing @ PANCAKE now.