An open global transactionand settlement network protocol

The digital currency represented by Bitcoin is being recognized by mainstream investment institutions, and the core technology behind it, blockchain technology, is also widely received due to the changes brought to the industry during the process of integration with traditional fields. Attention and research. As an emerging technology, blockchain technology has been a hot topic widely discussed both inside and outside the industry from the beginning to the present and to the future.

​As an emerging technology, the first and largest application scenario of blockchain technology is in the fields of digital currency transactions, financial payments, and clearing and settlement. “The industry is at an early stage. Whether it is centralized or decentralized, there are many pain points,” the GAMMA project leader pointed out. For example, the transaction volume of the central exchange is false, opaque, and the security level is low; decentralized exchanges The user experience is poor, high latency, low efficiency, low scalability, and poor liquidity. The fundamental reason is that the global transaction process is safe and there is no efficient and complete clearing and settlement network. Therefore, we have created GAMMA-an open global transaction and clearing network protocol.



GAMMA is building a world-class finance that integrates the liquidity of global mainstream exchanges/trading markets with the advantages of DeFi financial services (decentralization, borderless, and trustless, etc.) based on the mature underlying blockchain foundation. The service platform provides advanced investment trading platform and complete trading tool support for traditional financial institutions and commercial applications.


The person in charge of the GAMMA project said, “We are positioned to create a decentralized global transaction and clearing settlement network protocol. We will adopt a technical solution combining Layer1+Layer2, taking into account asset security, performance, privacy, and decentralization. So as to create an epoch-making new digital asset transaction agreement.”


It is understood that the ultimate goal of the transaction agreement is to provide one-stop decentralization for trading users (such as institutional investors and high-net-worth customers) by integrating the transaction depth of mainstream exchanges (centralized and decentralized) and merchant nodes. Broker service, the service content includes transaction matching, financing and currency financing, asset management, intelligence service and function value-added, etc. In addition, the agreement will also have strong technical and application advantages: build a decentralized transaction and clearing and settlement network in the “application + agreement” model; strengthen application layer barriers (operations, resources, and traffic, etc.) to reduce fork risks; Connect and integrate the trading market and transaction depth of centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges; break through the current non-scalability bottleneck of decentralized exchanges; have cross-chain interoperability and be compatible with native tokens of a variety of underlying public chains ; Built-in dark pool trading features, which can support splitting of large trading orders, independent trading, and so on.

In order to realize the value transfer within the ecosystem and when interacting with third parties, GAMMA will form a closed loop of value through a dual-token mechanism. That is, Gamma governance token GAMMA and Gamma platform token GDX are respectively generated (GAMMA and GDX will be released on the TRON chain in the form of TRC20 tokens). Among them, GAMMA’s rights include: as a platform currency mining material cannot be replaced, future mixed exchange governance, voting, decision-making (such as currency listing, chain upgrades, and other functions and profit), as a mining pool node dividend function, etc. . And GDX is in the Gamma ecology, deducts transaction fees, establishes mining pool node raw materials, mortgages and loans and other interest settlement, and other ecological application tokens.

In the future, with the progress of new technologies such as 5G, big data, life sciences, and blockchain, the world’s industrial structure and value chain will inevitably undergo reshaping. In particular, blockchain technology actually has both the attributes of the Internet of Information and the Internet of Value, which is an advantage of the integration of the blockchain industry. The person in charge of the GAMMA project said that because of the integrated nature, blockchain technology is now widely used in supply chain management, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, precision poverty alleviation, medical health, food safety, public welfare, social assistance, trade financing, supply chain finance, and bill transactions. And asset securitization. The value of Gamma as the underlying protocol will also be fully utilized, thereby creating more possibilities for the development of the Internet of Value and the prosperity of decentralization.